Saturday, June 8, 2013

Five Hundred Twenty Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes...

...How Do You Measure A Year???
Not even going there. Not EVEN going to mention how I haven't blogged in over a whole year. Definitely not going to mention that my sweet baby boy is going to be ONE YEAR OLD in two weeks!

...In case you were wondering...I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy, happy, sweetest-ever-in-the-whole-world baby boy three weeks after my last blog post (looking back at my last post, it kinda looks like something bad happened since I didn't say anything after 36 weeks of pregnancy...). Thank goodness that's not the case! I've just been blogging-lazy and very busy with kindergarteners and a brand new (not-so-brand-new-anymore) baby. Definitely not even going to show you a picture or two... ;o)

 One of our first family pictures! (Is it inappropriate to mention that Nate was born intervention free? (like, no pain meds, not even an IV...just a mama, a very supportive daddy, an exercise ball, and a TENS unit!)...I'm just one proud lady that we planned all of that and it actually happened the way we wanted!
For some reason, looking at this picture, I had some great memories pop back into my head...anyway, thanks for allowing that side-bar! ;o)

Newborn pic...Go Pirates! :o) 

Nate at 11 months (during the Tropical Storm Andrea)
First time playing in his new pool the day after the TS

Now that I've got that off my chest and out of my system...WELCOME TO SUMMER, BABY!!! This has been my first full week of summer home with my sweet little man. Let me just tell y'all....I had the PERFECT class this past year. All I do now is sit back and just marvel at how wonderful a year we had together. I had 14 students - 7 sweet girls and 7 lovable boys. I would take any one of them home as my own child. And their parents! Y'all, let me just tell you about their parents! Anything we needed...anything AT ALL was done almost before we asked. Laminate cut, word study games glued and cut out, take-home-books sorted and stapled. My class mom was the leader behind the most wonderful parent cohort ever!

THIS is the dream class...this is about 2 minutes after the last parent left our classroom. You could have heard a pin drop!!!! Seriously!!! My assistant and I were literally standing in the back of the room pinching each other trying to get ourselves to wake up to meet our new class. ...we still haven't woken up! 

LOVED our new document camera and projector this year! Made life with few magnetic manipulatives so much easier! Students and teachers alike loved the activities, video clips, and race games played with this throughout the year!  ....and I just reminded myself of yet another blog post for this summer! My sight-word powerpoint race. LOVE IT! And hopefully you will too.

OMG, I have so much to share with you guys and gals! I think I'm going to do mini-posts this summer. I have to share all of my successes (and not-so-successes) from this year! I think I'll start with my behavior management plan from this year and plans for next year...y'all won't believe what I'm going to do! The horror! The nerve! Do WHAT?? ...some of the few comments I'm sure that will roll around in your minds when I tell you what I'm conjuring up for next year! ;o) These sweet children won't know what hit 'em!  (okay...maybe it's not THAT strange...but strange for modern day classrooms). That's all I'm gonna say! ;o)

Mommyhood calls...Nate's trying to tell us that he is NOT going to take no stinkin' afternoon nap today! He's too excited about our dinner guests! :o) at peace, and all will be very well...