Classroom Pictures

Pictures from March 2011...

Here's our front door...

Here's what you see when you first walk thru the door.  It's my group table for workshop time.

Okay, SCRATCH THAT!  Guess what???  I posted some of these pictures on my facebook page and mentioned that this table would have to do until I could get my hands on a kidney table.  Another teacher at my school saw it on facebook and said that her department had one they weren't using!!  How incredible is that?  Within two days I had a new horseshoe table and was well on the way to having wonderful workshop meetings with my students!  :o)  Check it out:

Here is the view when you come in and turn left.  Student desks and also our wonderful easel!

Our calendar meeting place - so much more has been added since the beginning of school!

Our new meeting place.  We used to use the easel, but now we are going to use the front of the room (like you're supposed to!)  :o)

This is where I sit...Now I need a big book holder....

View from the front looking back.  Our 4 student tables also double as workshop tables.  My school purchased these wonderful shelves for me (they're from Lowes - originally they were supposed to be 4-shelves stacked on top of each other, but I made 4 sets of 2 shelves (does that make sense?  I hope so)

Our magnetic letter workshop.  Students spell their sight words and spelling words for the week using the letters in the plastic tubs.  Then they write them down in blue and red crayon (blue for consonants, red for vowels).

Our massive wall of windows!  I just bought a white picket fence to put up between the trees in the windows.  We're going to make daffodils and put them up in the window.  Here you can also see my assistant's desk and the Art Workshop.

Here is our Listening Workshop.  Students can pick author books from the tubs when they're finished listening and filling out their sheets.

Here's my desk.  The chair has dust in the seat because I NEVER sit here...our "ducky helpers" are on the front complete with job tags the students wear to let the other teachers (like PE, computer, music) know who needs to line up first.

Our workshop area again.  The book tubs are for in the morning when the students get to check out books.  I'll move them to the floor behind this table after Morning Meeting is over.

My desk again.

Our massive storage space!!!  Can you hear it?  Every time I look at it I hear "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!"  LIke the gates of Heaven just opened up!  :o)  The doors have our word wall, birthday frogs, and also our blends and diphthong rules (pictures downloaded from Mrs. Oakes - Fantastic First!).  :o)

Pictures from the beginning of the year:

View when you walk into the front door... (my assistant's desk)

Our meeting area is in the middle of the room with the student desks over to the left.  We mainly hang out on the carpet, so I thought it would show how important it is to everyone who walks in!

Student desks/ workhop tables (the tables transform into centers during our centers time.)  We started with only 3 student tables with 6 students at each table, but now we have 4 tables.  They were crammed together and it was not great for classroom management!

My desk also functioning as a bulletin board for our "ducky helpers" right next to the Art Center.  My desk is also home to our beloved CD player which we use almost all day of everyday!

Our Meeting Place.  This was my first rearrangement, so there are lines of tape to designate the students' spots.  Now we put seasonal cut outs bought from the teacher store.  Currently we have hearts with student names on the floor in 3 rows.  I love telling them to "come find your heart!"  :o)  Beyond the Meeting Place is our pocket chart center as well as the red Science table.

View of the cubbies from my desk. On the back wall is our computer and listening center.