My Favorite Teacher Links!

Okay, y'all - these are most of the websites that have kept me up many nights throughout my teaching career.  Please go to them, use them often, and most importantly, LOVE THEM!  :o)

Just click on the name and go to the amazing site!

First and Foremost:  Dr. Jean
This was the first time I felt a true need to teach kindergarten.  I had the honor of going to her workshops called "Totally Reading and Totally Math" a few summers ago while teaching first grade. Wow.  That's all I have to say.  There are no words to describe a day with Dr. Jean.  Download her music (I have 10 of her CD's and use them DAILY)!

Kelly's Kindergarten
I am using her daily homework this year, tweaking it to match up with our different list of weekly sight words and other activities.  This has helped my students so much!  She also has WONDERFUL center activities.

Hubbard's Cupbard
Okay, not to be mean, but if you're a kindergarten teacher and you've never heard of this site, shame on you!!  If you are a new teacher and need the most incredible ideas, go now!!  No really, just go check it out.  Use her printable sight word books.  Use her theme suggestions.  Just promise me you'll check it out, please!

Mrs. Herbic's Themes
Mrs. Herbic has a very complicated site.  I got lost a couple times on there - she has so many wonderful things to see!  But her themes are organized in a way that it easy to view and easy to come back to.

Mrs. Bonzer
She is a first grade teacher, but I use a lot of her printables and posters in my classroom.  If you are a kindergarten teacher, many of her lessons can be "toned down" for whole group activities, but I have found that I can use a lot of her activities with my small groups.

This is just plain fun.

Mrs. Jump
I would love to spend a day in this teacher's classroom.  We have used so many of her ideas - we made many of her art projects in the Art Center, and then on Friday we have a "Fun Friday" activity where we write about what we've been talking about that week.  By the way, she also has a blog:

Mrs. Cook's Kinderstars
Another wow...I wish I had the talent to compile slideshows like she does.  :o)  This is where I found my idea to have "Celebrity Readers."

Kindergarten Hoppenings
If y'all haven't seen Shannon's A-MAZ-ING blog, please go.  Like, right now!  She has TONS of printables that are so cute, and she shares them all for free - bless her heart!  Please go see her.  Please.  :o)