Saturday, February 19, 2011

And She Lived Happily Ever After...Blogging

Once upon a time there lived a girl who grew up to be a teacher.  She was married to the most wonderful husband in the whole world!  Every day she came home excited to share with him all the amazing things that happened during her day in Kindergarten.  Ever loving, her husband would sit and listen, but he prayed that she could find someone who cared about Kindergarten as much as she did.  Then one day, the girl stumbled upon blogger!  She was so excited to see all kinds of teaching blogs!!  She liked them so much that she decided to start one of her own.  It looks like she'll live happily ever after, while blogging.  :o)

So this is me, I'm Brenna.

I have a little bit of a problem.  I love teaching Kindergarten waaaaaay too much.  I have a dream class with dream parental support, and we do so many fun things together!  Besides all the time spent making everything for my first year of kindergarten, I also spend time looking for new fun things to do.  The amount of teacher websites out there with great pictures and ideas is simply overwhelming.  I am in no way a computer geek, so me spending lots of time on the computer is just disgusting to me.  But, the outcome of my students' faces while having fun doing the activities I find are priceless.  This blog may be my official demise, because my type-A personality makes me want to perfect every single detail as well as share every single detail.  This is the very first blog I have ever attempted, but surprisingly enough, I don't think I will be devastated if no one ever reads it!  I am so grateful to all the other teachers out there who have posted activities, worksheets, posters, photos of art projects...I realized that I needed an outlet that wasn't my poor husband to tell the world about my ideas!  They may not be brilliant ideas, but the things I get to do with my students sure do make my day!  :o)

So this is me with my new hubby - we just got married this past summer.

He is a teacher too - he teaches 5th grade and is so great at it!  We used to teach in the same school - I was a first grade teacher and he was in fifth.  It's where we met.  Our story is my favorite story of my whole life!  If you are bored enough, you can read about it on our website....  Me and My Baby
He keeps me grounded, but also is able to let loose and we have lots of fun together!  I think that every teacher should be married to another teacher.  We are able to vent to each other, but at the same time we can recognize if the other person needs advice or just needs a platform.

We have two pets: Kody, the Siberian Husky and Hank, the grey tabby cat.  They "love" each other most days, but are still in the adjustment period of their relationship.  I hate to admit it, but I have a feeling that they are stuck forever in that period of their relationship.  It has grown to "I will tolerate your presence."  :o)

We can't wait to start a family...sorry...let me start over: I can't wait to start a family, but we will wait a little while longer for that adventure - we're having so much fun seeing what this whole "marriage" business is like, that we don't think another one would fit in right now.  But like I said, we can't wait to start a family!  So for right now we will eat, drink, and be Married (as Charlotte says), and have a blast!

So that's all for at peace, and all will be well.

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