Saturday, May 28, 2011

It's a, Family Tradition!

I promise I'm still here!  I realize that my lack of posts makes me look like a slacker, but hey, getting ready for our school's kindergarten graduation was the most stressful time of the whole year!  On Thursday we said "Happy Summer" to our sweet kinders.  They did a fabulous job performing at their graduation - we were some proud teachers!  Time now to take down the word wall, the bulletin boards, and slowly pack up our first year.  :o)

This is just a quick post today...I want y'all to check out my Mama's blog:

She is an avid "yardsale-er" - I am an every-so-often "yardsale-er."  No, I am not afraid nor am I opposed to venturing out at 5:30 a.m. to find the deals of the century.  And no, it is not the most appealing activity for most, but for a teacher who is married to a teacher, I just can't beat the deals!  When my urge to sleep in on Saturday mornings kicks in, Mama still hunts for me.  She always has a list of items on my wish list.  Decodable readers are a big find - usually you can find them for as little as 10 cents a piece!  Ten books for $1?  Please.  Show me a better deal.

The finger puppets and bookshelves on her latest posts are now at home in my classroom.  Anyway, just promise you'll check her blog out.  If you are thinking of having a yard sale, she has a list of really great advice on the left side of the blog.  If you are on the fence about whether or not yardsale-ing is worth it, there is no question - it totally is!!  :o)

Happy Saturday! at peace, and all will be well...


  1. Brenna- thanks for leaving me a link to your blog. I'll be sure to check out your mom's blog too. I'm a sucker for yard sales! And you're right, there's no better deal than a 10 cent book!!
    F is For First Grade

  2. Brenna, I appreciate the blog plug and I encourage any teacher whonis starting out or who is looking for inexpensive additions to his or her classroom to try yardsales. I have always enjoyed finding books for your personal library; beautiful hardbacks and contemporary paperbacks too. Teachers have to purchase so many things to enhance their inventory or to get even basic craft and paper products out of pocket. So many tames we have found brand new reams of paper, construction and other types for $1. just because I am the early bird going to 6am sales, doesn't mean that is the only way to get the deals! Up north, sales start even more reasonably at 9am! But around here deals can still be had after 7 and 8am. Good luck to you all and get shopping! Now is prime time in the summer months!