Monday, March 7, 2011

This One's for the Birds...

What a busy Monday!  I surprised the students with this note when they walked into their newly arranged room:

I didn't have anyone pass out, so that was great!  Today was the BEST day of kindergarten so far this year...everything went smoothly, we got EVERYTHING done that I had planned (this doesn't happen often because I always over-plan), and I still had a smile on my face at the end of the day (okay, this almost always happens, but it's great always!).  :o)

I wanted to share my newest edition to the classroom...but you have to look outside:
We have 2 bird feeders, a bird bath, and 2 decorations for the birds to look at while they eat...

The double Shepard's Crook is my early birthday present...Thanks Handsome!!!  I have been totally entertained by our red finches who have come to feast!  The sphere-shaped feeder has tiny holes that the birds climb in and sit and eat...only they couldn't figure out how to get in...until TODAY!  I saw it happen with my own eyes, but the darn thing flew away before I could snap him/'s what I got:

Seriously??  Oh well...I'll have my camera waiting next time!

At first we had no birds at all.  I put up the one round feeder, but no one came to munch on the yummy bird seed I bought.  So my mom suggested getting a bird bath because the water will spark their interest, and she happily gave me her extra one (I'm not mentioning how it was the one that my sissy and I gave her for Mother's Day a long time ago...see, I didn't say it!  Nope!).  Guess what?  The bird bath idea...genius!!  I counted 9 birds around and on the feeders at one time!!!

This is the time I have to get a little sappy and dear, wise, loving, spiritual, saint of a grandmother passed away last month.  She was a source of strength for me.  It's been a lot harder than I thought it would be.  I can't even begin to describe her if I just had to know her.  She was a very special soul.  If you can be soul mates with your grandma, then that's what we are.

Anyway, she loved her garden, and especially loved her birds.  She has 5 bird feeders at her house, and there is one bird feeder for each window.  I have so many memories of sitting at the round kitchen table looking out at the birds and watching the many different kinds and colors come to eat along with us.  This is one thing that makes me feel closer to her...watching the birds outside.

 I feel like my grandma just outside the window, checking in on us, bringing these beautiful creatures to keep us entertained and feeling loved.  I can see her now, at the kitchen table, eating fruit salad and watching the birds with me...and now it's time to stop because I miss her so much it hurts....

So here's to my soulmate... at peace, and all will be well...

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