Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!

This has been the absolute BEST Monday in a while...I have to hurry because it's almost time to go to bed...this teacher is sleepy!  But I had to share while I had another minute - I will NOT neglect this least not in the next few days!  Hey, any good feelings on a Monday is a wonderful thing!  :o)

So Spring has Sprung in Team Johnson's room!  Here are a few of the projects we are working on...

On the left we have our baby's in our Art Workshop this week.  Lots of cutting and fine motor skills practice - LOVE IT!
Then on the left we have our April Take-Home Project.  This is my bunny: her name is Bella Bunny.  Her lovely spring dress is made from some fun wrapping paper complete with pink tulle and some polka dots.  The students are taking their own bunnies home tonight to make and decorate with their parents.  I'm sure that most parents hate me for this (one more thing to do!), but hopefully some will see that I just want them to put their creative minds together with their child's creative mind.  Again, I know it's a lot, but it's fun if you let it be!  :o)  This is something that one of my kinder-teammates gave us from her spring file!
Last, on the right is "Carrot Time!" Same teammate sharing wonderful ideas!  This is from The Mailbox, and it's in our Math Workshop this week.  The students cut out and decorate the bunny clocks, and they decide what time they want their clocks to tell.  Then they put the carrot hands on the correct numbers and write the "digital" version on an index card.  When finished, we stick it up on the wall labeled "Carrot Time!"

Okay, here is something really exciting!  We were given this Root View from my friend Ashley F.  She has 6 amazing children and they have lots of neat stuff!  Well, this was something that didn't make it and was going to be donated when she asked if I wanted it.  It comes with this wonderful planter with a clear plastic viewing sheet.  There is a white sheet that goes over it so that the roots actually grow.  The pack also comes with seeds and peat circles, so everything you need minus some water is included!  How cool is that?!  :o)  Anyway, we planted the seeds together about 2 weeks ago when we started our plants unit. The radishes grew right away (look at it on the right! Holy cow!).  Today we found 3 carrot plants and one onion plant!  I may be more excited that it worked than they are.  I took a leap of faith when I did this because I had never done it before...yay!  I'll keep you posted in the weeks to come....

Be at peace, and all will be well...


  1. These activities are too cute! Also, I just found your blog, and it is adorable. I am going to keep the words, "Be at peace, and all will be welll" in my mind in my chaotic classroom today. :)

  2. Thanks! You are too sweet! I've just started this up in the past few months - was inspired by all the other teachers out there! :o) Those words are from my Grandma. She lived those words. I kind of put her two sayings together into my own. They are words to live by! :o)

  3. Can't wait to see how the veggies grow! What a neat growing kit. And the chicks and bunnies are wayyyy too cute.

  4. Love it Brenna:) I am trying to start blogging is just not quite where yours is yet! Yours looks great!