Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yard Sale, Anyone?

Happy Sunday everyone!

Yesterday I went yard sailing with my very avid-yardsaling-mama, and I want to share our experience with you...

Each Saturday at half-past dark-thirty, she and her friend Johanna and Johanna's mom and Johanna's mom's dog Sophie go Yard Sailing.  I catch a ride every blue moon to stock up on classroom items and home goodies.  Sometimes we end up with zilch. nada. nothing.  And then other times we hit the JACKPOT!

Letmetellyou that yesterday was a jackpot kinda day!  It was, spectacular!  I spent $25 yesterday.  Here is my loot!  Yay!  :o)

Okay, y'all...Everything in this picture was 25 cents each!!  $1.25 for EVERYTHING!  Two Halloween doormats (gave the one standing up to my kinder-friend Cindy), an Easter doormat, Halloween stencil, and a mini-Christmas tree.  All for the classroom.
The Halloween mat that I gave Cindy was the first one I purchased.  I found the "Trick or Treat" mat at another yard sale and liked it better.  It will sit outside my classroom door in a few weeks.

ALL of the books were 25 cents a piece (I usually like to pay 10 cents, but these are in such great condition, I couldn't pass them up!).  I LOVE Dick and Jane books.  I have so many now that I'm going to have to make a separate book tub for them.  My students love them for the repetitious nature like Dr. Seuss has.  I love them because of the repetition AND the nostalgia.

On the top step in the middle is a Vowel Pattern game from Scholastic.  I almost bought the very same one last year for $14.99.  It was $1. Ha!  :o)

Total here...$3.50.

By the way, two of these books are so cute - they are "What to Expect..." books for children who are going to be a big brother or big sister.  Two of my students became big sisters/brothers last year, and I have a little girl this year who will big a big sissy soon!  :o)

My mom asked me to take a picture of just my Dick and Jane books for her yard sale blog.  She loves them almost as much as I do!  :o)

Markers for 10 cents (brand spankin' new!) and two like-new binders for 25 cents a piece.  Total?  $0.60!

The first yard sale we hit had the red sweater.  25 cents!  Bonus?  It has shoulder pads!  As soon as I laid eyes on it, I knew instantly that I had found my tacky Christmas sweater for this year.  I should have kept this secret (I won the contest last year, so this will give my competitors an advantage...), but I'm in so much love that I couldn't resist.  Now it's on to find the perfect tacky leggings, wooly socks, earrings, and the rest of the ridiculous accessories!  :o)
The black dress is for Halloween...I want to be the Wicked Witch of the East this year.  This dress was $1.  It was at a yard sale I found on my way home.

Some Christmas decorations for my classroom (I am in LOVE with snowmen!) - both were 25 cents a piece!  And two terra-cotta pots (again, 25 cents each!!) to clean, paint, and monogram.  I have some over-grown house plants that need to be separated.
For 10 cents I picked up those little black hangers.  They are for my house.  They are stocking hangers that work like those purse hangers.  They don't fall down!  I picked them all up for 10 cents.  I want to find some snowmen to hot glue to them so they look a little more festive!  :o)

So that's all for the is the rest of my stash for my house/ my veryownself....

Y'all, I have been dreaming of owning and collecting a Christmas light-up village for about 1/2 of my life.  BUT when Christmas rolls around, I can't afford the dag-on stuff!  I have kept my eyes out for this at yard sales through the years and have always come up empty-handed.  Until yesterday.  Oh. My. Goodness!  All 5 of these were $10!!!  Like, $10 for the whole set!!!!!!  They came with their original boxes...and each box is marked between $19.99 and $34.99!  Yay!!  These are from an estate sale where the mother had passed away, and her children were selling what was left.  I assured them that these would be taken care of and were going to a good home!  Now I just have to find the accessories and a place to display them at Christmas!  :o)

Boxes for the Christmas village.

I just finished the Twilight saga.  It was my summer love affair (aside from my handsome of course!).  I spent countless hours diving into each book and went into mourning the day I finished Breaking Dawn and realized that the books would be no more.  I bought the first two books at Goodwill, borrowed the third and fourth, but want all four for my bookcase (and future re-reading).  Yesterday I found Breaking Dawn - hardback, mind you - for $1!!!!

I also found two Nicholas Sparks novels that I haven't read yet (I have a weakness for him too) for $1 each, and also The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (I've been wanting to read this for a while).  The Girl was $1 as well.  THEN I found these TOO CUTE handbags for $1 each.

The matching candlestick holders were $0.50 each at the estate sale where I found the village.

Total...$7!  :o)

On a side note, I'm stuck on the couch today, but not the same reason as my last post.  This time I woke up feeling just absolutely ICKY! of the only drawbacks of being a teacher: getting germy germs from my students. Anyway, my laundry is mid-cycle and the dishwasher is is a reminder of the harsh realities of house-work (look closely at the sign above my sink...then look at the sink...)  :o)

High ho, high ho, it's off to work I go...

Check out my mom's blog by clicking HERE.  If you are considering yard sailing, read her blog - she has many helpful tips if you are new or do not go EVERY Saturday like she does. at peace and all will be well...


  1. I miss you! This was especially fun to read. I love that teachers love a good deal...especially for their classroom!

  2. Girl, I miss you too! My sissy just moved to Florida too, so when we go see her, we will come see you!! I hope life is getting better...I'm praying for y'all! Love you! :o)