Sunday, November 27, 2011

Turkey is All Gobbled Up!

Happy Sunday, everyone!
So this blogger is just being plain old lazy!  I've been extra busy and extra tired these days...but not when I'm in the classroom (well, we're busy, but I don't have time to be tired in front of the kiddos!).  We brought back some great projects for the kinders this year, and we had a blast reading our books and making connections with them!

Before Halloween, we talked about farms and how scarecrows "protect" gardens...we made these scarecrows and they've been in our windows since the beginning of October.  (Thank goodness they don't scare away the birds at the bird feeders)  :o)

Here are some of our favorite Thanksgiving books...

After reading Turkey Trouble and Run, Turkey, Run, we make turkeys with our families as an "At-Home Project."  They decorate their turkeys to look like anything else to hide them...  (I know that just about everyone in blogger-world does these, but I just had to share mine!!)  :o)

Can you find...the ladybug, Santa, 2 football players, Hula Dancer, Ariel, 2 bunnies, "tree turkey," a hunter, The Cat in the Hat, a Native American, and a clown? They did so well with these!

Next, we made turkey picketers much like the Chick-fil-A cows.  Here is the banner above them...

It came from Mrs. Jump's Thanksgiving Unit.  She rocks!   Click Here to go to her Thanksgiving post on her blog.
(Turkeys on the left: "More Pumpkin, More Corn" Turkeys to the right: "More Soup, More Pie.")

 We've been working on vowel sounds and CVC words, so we were trying to get them to listen to their vowels when they made their turkey signs - I was one proud teacher!  :o)

Do you know how many school days are left between now and Christmas Break??  15!  15!!!  It might sound like I'm excited (I kinda am), but that's me kinda upset because we're faced with the same problem as years past: how do we fit all of our fun stuff in?????  And y'all keep posting MORE cute stuff!  :o)  Hopefully I can share our projects BEFORE we do them this time around.  I appreciate you stickin' with me through my laziness!

Two more pictures for the night... "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..." my house!  :o)

 The stockings are hung with care and the tree is up and decorated!  Yay!!!


  1. Turkey projects were so cute! I am looking forward to seeing how the Kinder room looks like for December. And well done on your home decorating! Looks so pretty.

  2. I am your newest follower :)
    I love this cute blog. Thanks for the ideas.
    Check out my blog.