Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our Sneaky Elf on a Shelf!

Last year I was BLESSED with a class mom who went over the top for us.  All the time.  Like, I'm talking weekly she would check in, make sure we had everything we needed and took some requests (I'm very slow to give requests...don't ask me why, I don't know).  Anyway, right after Thanksgiving, she came Monday morning bright and early to decorate our tree in our classroom.  She shared about this new Elf on a Shelf "thing."  I LOVED it, but couldn't afford the $30 for the doll and book set.  She asked if we wanted one, and I regretfully declined (I did NOT want to ask her to spend that much on us!!!).  Anyway, long story short: we came back into the classroom after lunch that same day to find a big cardboard box addressed to us "from the North Pole" under our Christmas tree.  Inside was the Elf on a Shelf set with a note inside the book that said "Merry Christmas, Team Johnson.  Love, Santa."

...Thanks, "Santa!"   :o)

Did I mention how much I am blessed?  Last year we named our little elf Jingle Bell, and he did his duty of watching and reporting, and then flew back to the North Pole on the last day before Winter Break.

Our class elf made his first appearance this year this past Tuesday morning.  He was hiding on the Christmas tree with his Elf on a Shelf book in the read aloud chair beside it.  We read the book together (only 2 of my students didn't know what it was), and voted on a name.   His new name this year is Snowflake.

Then on Wednesday morning, we found him on the top shelf of our Writing Center.  He even colored and elf picture for us!  He left it under the tree with a letter from Santa the next morning.

On Thursday morning, he was in the middle of reading one of our favorite books, Merry Christmas, Splat. Some of our other classroom friends were listening to the read aloud!  :o)

Friday morning, Snowflake was camped out in his stocking-sleeping bag, reading his Elf on a Shelf book.  We think he really likes to read!

This was a combined idea of mine and something I saw on Pinterest.  Snowflake has brought us some "Elf Kisses" ...can you see him eating one of them??  :o)  I'm using these as an incentive...students earn an Elf Kiss when s/he finishes the day on good behavior OR s/he demonstrates an over the top nice behavior to another student or teacher.

I'll let you know how the elf kisses go.  This is what they'll find tomorrow morning when they come in.  :o)

Do you have an elf in your classroom?  What is it's name?  Go to pinterest RIGHT NOW to get some wonderful and hysterical ideas for your elf.  Or just Google "Elf on a Shelf" and go to the images results.


  1. I think Snowflake is a great name for your December guest. Can't wait to hear how "elf kisses" work and your Kinders reactions. Snowflake has found a happy residence:)

  2. cute blog!! We have Jingles the elf in my house and Ernie at school! Love it!

  3. Thanks, Thrify...I mean Mama! :o) It's a lot of fun!

  4. Mrs. Roper - thanks so much for stopping by! I love, love, LOVE your blog! You have the cutest printables! (and this very poor teacher married to a teacher appreciates the fact that they're free!) :o) Hope you have a very merry last few days before Winter Break!

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