Friday, July 29, 2011

A Summer Affair - my tribute to Target, Staples, and Walmart

"Find a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life."

I have two true-loves.  My handsome came first, so he's my first true-love by default.  But then I started teaching kindergarten.  It is also my true-love.  I have spent all summer blog-surfing, downloading as many freebies and helpful TpT stuff as I could afford...and now my furniture in my classroom is set up for the new school year.  I did all of this, and I have had the best summer ever!  I know that my blog-buddies are non-judgemental because I have found that y'all feel the same as me!  That is so comforting...

While we were in the mountains on our vacation, Staples had their first penny sale of the summer.  Can you guess what me and my handsome did?  Yep!  We found the closest Staples (45 minute drive) and went to go "collect."  When we came back home, we found tons of stuff in the Target Dollar Zone as well as at the Dollar Tree.

Our Staples and Walmart loot!
(Colored pencils and markers from Walmart, EVERYTHING else from Staples)

Target and Dollar Tree finds!
For me: Lesson plan book, monster squishys (we're going to be Team Johnson Monsters this year), finger paint, Dr. Seuss erasers (for his birthday later in the year) - all from Target, and colored cups for pencils (Dollar Tree)
For handsome: Sports themed name tags and two small pocket charts - both from Target!

Grand total from first picture: $14.02
Grand total from second: $19

**PS: my camera totally died before I could take a picture of our finds yesterday but just in case you didn't know...Walmart is having a back to school sale - their poly plastic folders with prongs (it's what I use for homework folders) are 50 CENTS!  And their paper folders with prongs are 15 cents!  AND I picked up 10 packs of Crayola 24-count crayons for 40 Cent a piece!!!  :o)

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