Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Aftermath of Irene...

Happy Tuesday!  We are VERY happy here in the south that life is getting back to normal after a horrible hurricane.  We endured almost 48 hours straight of rain and wind.  It. lasted. forever.  We thought the rain wouldn't ever stop!  All over our city and surrounding cities and towns you can't drive a block without seeing at least one HUGE oak tree uprooted.

As the storm came over us on Friday night, my sissy and I camped out in the living room.  She's staying with us as she gets ready to move to Florida.  For some reason, after only one glass of wine, we started singing a song.  That somehow lead into trying to remember (successfully!) all of the words to "Part of Your World" sung by none other than Ariel herself!  THAT lead into changing the Pandora radio station to "Disney."  A little more wine, a little game of Scrabble, and we were in full Disney singing mode.  Here's sissy and my dog Kody and kitty Hank.

On a side note, like many girls our ages, when we were little we OBSESSED about the newest Disney animated film.  When she was 3, sissy "officially" changed her name to Princess Jasmine.  I remember our aunt called us one afternoon and asked for sissy, and sissy wouldn't come to the phone until our aunt asked to speak with "Princess Jasmine."  I can also fondly remember our family road trips to vacation in New York or to Florida (we live right smack in the middle of those two states, so our road trips were usually no less than 10 hours one way).  Our poor parents suffered as we sang at the TOP OF OUR LUNGS to every single song on every single soundtrack (on cassette tapes of course!).  We had to strike up compromises between "adult music time" aka NPR and "children music time."  Looking back, I feel like we were out-compromised because it was something like "y'all can listen to 2 songs and then we'll listen to NPR for an hour.  It's totally the same thing."  We were (and are still) so naive that we didn't ever figure out the difference!

My favorite moment of this Wine Scrabble Disney was "Hakuna Matata" ...somewhere in the middle of the song we were crying harder than we were laughing as the lyrics struck up some hilarious memories!  Love you, sissy!  :o)

Handsome and I were blessed because we suffered very minimal damaged as compared to many others around here.  Saturday morning we came upstairs to find our bay window leaking...no make that dripping water.  We stuck pots, bowls, and cups all along the window sill to try to keep our walls and carpets dry.  Turns out the water was coming in through the molding at the top and was behind the walls, so some of the spots in the walls are ruined.  See those drips running down the wall?  The one furthest to the right is NOT coming from the window sill.  It's seeping out from behind the wall.  Hopefully shouldn't be a big deal to fix.

As soon as the storm let up a little, we headed to handsome's parents house for the night.  We lost power, and so did they, but they had the *da-da-da-daaaa* generator!!  That same day their big tree in the back yard went down.  Luckily it didn't hit the house - it went the other way and landed on their two storage barns.  When the weather cleared, lots of friends came to help start the tree-removal process.

I helped the girls work on the front yard and back yard - my in-laws have lots of wonderful shade tress in their yard...but we all know what happens to those wonderful trees during a storm.  Yep!  Nature prunes them!  Here are our piles in the front...

And here is handsome helping us out in between cutting up the tree...

Because of this stupid storm, we have many friends and even some family dramatically effected by this storm.  Handsome's parents and hometown still have no power.  This is day 4 of no power.  Yuck.  Some have lost homes and/or vehicles.  I am counting my blessings more than you know.

Luckily we get to go back to school tomorrow.  There will still be some teachers and students who cannot come, but we're all going to get through this together!  Please send up your prayers and think of all those involved.  If you are going through this too, know that I'm thinking of you very much!

...be at peace, and all will be well...

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  1. I am so glad you guys made it through the storm ok! There was so much damage everywhere!