Sunday, August 7, 2011

Yankees? Red Sox? Whatever...

Happy Sunday!
I am officially a kinder NERD!  Can I tell you that I just finished my back-to-school letter for my parents, updated my teacher contact information card, typed up my rules/behavior plan, and started an outline to give out to parents at our open house...  Whew!  Nerd Alert!  **Did I mention the fact that school doesn't start until August 22nd?  ;o)

Did I ever mention the fact that my handsome is a Red Sox fan?  Did you know they are playing the Yankees right at this particular moment?  Do you know how I know?  I'm sitting in our kitchen blog-surfing away, and every few minutes there are sighs of relief, clapping, then YELLING, then the sound of something hitting the wall across the room, then more sighs of relief, then more instant YELLING!

We took the most amazing, relaxing vacation to the Catskills in New York a few weeks ago.  We were gone for 11 days.  It was some kinda wonderful!  The beginning of our vacation consisted of a visit to Boston.  The Mother Land.  The Home of the Red Sox.  Lord have mercy....

Let me take a minute to explain that I was born and raised a Yankees fan.  Dad is from northern New Jersey.  He grew up going to Yankee Stadium.  Still takes every opportunity he can get.  I have been a handful of times.  Love it!  :o)

My handsome feels, and maybe with good measure, that since I do not keep up with baseball AT ALL (duh, I'm a GIRL!), that I do not hold the right to be a Yankees fan.  I do not have any grounds on which to talk smack to him when they play the Red Sox.  I admit, I really don't...but oh, it is so much fun!

I thought I would be written out of the will when I married handsome.  I have slowly started to take precautionary measures to be "neutral."
Here's one:

Here's another:

I mean, come on, what more do you want from me?  Yes, that's us.  Where you ask?  Fenway Park.  Did I have a great time?  Of course I did.  I mean what girl doesn't have a great time watching all those boys down there in those beautiful baseball uniforms?  LOVE!  By the way, they make the COOLEST hats in Boston: a "B" for Brenna!  They knew I was coming!  :o)

My dad helped me sneak a certain hat into my luggage for the trip...this was my attempted wardrobe for sightseeing in Boston the next day...

I tried to snap a picture of proof that I wore a Yankees hat while IN Boston...but the reason why I'm not looking into the mirror is because handsome busted down the hotel bathroom door as I tried to document my revenge!  :o)  Oops!

Now y'all know that I love my handsome.  I mean, I married the guy - THAT'S how much I love him.  But my loyalty will never as those sighs of frustration filter in from the living room, I am grinning like a fool!  Let's Go Yankees!

PS: Heading back to my classroom tomorrow - wish me luck as I hopefully finish tackling that dag-on closet and work to organize more corners of my room!  Pictures to follow...

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