Thursday, August 4, 2011

Organized Chaos Freebie!

Yikes!  We are t-minus 18 days from the first day of school!

I need to make a confession...I LOVE to be border line obsessive about organization...  BUT this past year, my first year in kindergarten...I have to admit I got a little, no make that a LOT disorganized.   There.  I said it.  Don't judge me.

My biggest complaint in years past was that I didn't have enough storage.  I had to invent ways to store things.  But THIS year I had a whole wall of cabinets and I ran with it!  I could hide so much crap behind those big wonderful doors.  Christmas was over?  Just toss it up in the top Christmas cabinet!  Extra water bottles left over from a party?  Throw it in the cabinet!  Done with a bulletin board?  Throw get the idea.  I was storage-abusive let me tell you!

I was SICK OF THIS at the end of the year.  I asked our secretary to save the boxes that the copy paper comes in.  I took out all of my seasonal stuff and put it into those boxes.  Then I made some labels for them...and...VOILA!  Happy cabinets!  :o)

Fall Cabinet!

Winter Cabinet

Spring Cabinet!

And here are the labels...
Decoration Storage Labels

So my top cabinets are happy cabinets...but here's what's left to do one day next week...

Yikes!  Pray for me!  :o) at peace, and all will be well...


  1. I love how you have this organized Brenna! It looks great! I haven't even been back to my classroom yet! YIKES!!

  2. Your room looks awesome!! It's a great feeling to organize everything that we buy!! Just found your darling blog!!

  3. Thanks you guys! Hopefully a LOT of pre-organization will save me from so much POST organization later...pray for me that I can stay organized throughout the course of the year! :o)