Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Who Is My Teacher?

Hey y'all!  Happy Wednesday!  I wanted to share my teacher book that I made last year.  I have made 2 others in the past...I had to re-work them because my life has changed DRASTICALLY in the past 4 1/2 years of teaching!  Think about it...I have only known my handsome for 2 years and I've been teaching longer than that...

Here is my most recent version of "Who Is My Teacher?"  It is inspired directly from a book done by my teaching-idol Dr. Jean!  :o) I attended one of her Camp Kindergarten workshops (this is where my dreams of being a kinder teacher officially started!).  At this workshop she shared her book with us, and I went home the next day and created my very own!

I used Century Gothic font and kept the pages pretty simple.  No borders, no clip art...just words and photographs.  You'll see how I made an OOPS when you get down to the page about my graduation.  It has polka-dots all over it, but the polka dots were supposed to go on the NEXT page!  My handsome was kind enough to point that one out AFTER I had laminated everything...I had it laminated at Staples with their thickest laminate.  I punched holes in the left side and used binder clips to secure the pages together.

My students LOVE this book.  I also put it out for Open House so that the parents can read it too - most of them seemed to enjoy it.  :o)  Plus it is SUPER FUN and SUPER EASY to put together!

Front Cover

I'm going to need to add another page for my sissy!
Totally forgot to put her in my book!  I am a BAD big sissy...

He just got a new job at a new school teaching 4th grade
...need to update this page too! Oops!

I am blessed enough to work with my daddy!  :o)

This is my Hanky-Panky!  :o)

I swear y'all...this is the goofiest dog you will EVER meet!  :o)

See?  Polka dots?  Oops!
PS: those were the signs my family and friends made
when I graduated...they held them up, cheered,
and sounded their fog horns as I crossed the stage!  Love them!!

Would love to see your teacher book if you have one!  Let me know...give me a link or send an email!


  1. Your teacher book is too cute! I have never done a teacher book before:) I might have to now!

  2. I love this idea! Your book turned out so cute. I think I will add making a book like this to my to-do list!!

    Love, Hugs, and Ladybugs

  3. Thanks y'all! Take pictures and blog about yours - I'd love to see them! :o) It is too much fun to do this!