Saturday, August 13, 2011

CUTE Clothespins!

Happy Saturday!
Handsome and I just finished our lazy movie morning and now it's breakfast-for-lunch followed by some family time this afternoon...  so before we start all of that, I wanted to take a minute to share with you my classroom clothespins!

I wanted to share this VERY quick project with you...

I bought these wooden cut outs at our Michaels store....

Materials needed:
one clothespin per cut out
one magnet per cut out
hot glue gun

Step One: Glue the clothespins onto the back of the cut outs...

Step Two: Glue a magnet on the back of each clothespin...

Step Three: Use these cuties to hang up your examples, handouts, word cards,
...the possibilities are endless!

**Another spin on this idea is to hot glue push pins onto the clothespins instead of magnets.  Then you can use them to hang up stuff on your bulletin boards!

Countdown...t-minus 9 days and counting till I meet my sweet new kinders! at peace, and all will be well...


  1. Your clothespins are adorable!! Thanks for sharing!!
    I am having my first giveaway if you would like to check it out!!

    Miss J@smilescrayonsandendlessstories

  2. Thank you ma'am! They are fun! :o) I will go check out your blog right now...