Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Cabinets

Remember that "Organized Chaos" post?  Guess what?  My cabinets are now officially happy!!  :o)  And so am I.  It took all day, but all of my cabinets are organized...whew!  The only way to explain/show is in pictures...

So THIS is my GIANORMOUS wall of know, the ones where I just stuffed all my stuff into throughout the year last year.  This was a two-day project...I cannot believe I am finished!

As you can see in the picture on the right I have waaaaaay too many books...I'm one of those teachers who can't say no to free stuff!  It's my public school teacher roots!  BUT I got all of my books re-organized and put all of the ones that I'm not going to use until after Christmas Break up in the tippy-top cabinets and used the rest of the space to organize our school supplies and paper and bulletin board stuff.

Before and After!

Below, the cabinets on the right is now transformed into our Math Center.  All of the manipulatives on are now completely accessible to students.  The next step will be to print out all of the CUTE labels that I have collected all summer from some sweet blogging teachers who gave them out as freebies!  The cabinets on the right hold ALL of my seasonal Big Books, pop-up posters, regular seasonal posters, seasonal bulletin board decorations, and at the very bottom is my stash of pocket charts.  THAT side took me about 2 hours to go through today!  :o)  On the right side is where our "Brain Games" Center is.  The items on the top shelf are the current puzzles/games that the students can play with.  The bottom two shelves are for storage. 


Here is where you can literally watch my OCD tendency...  :o)
The cabinet on the far left was going to hold instructional aids (from top to bottom): Math, Math, ELA, ELA, Science.  I was finished, took a picture, done.  THEN I looked at it again and realized that I had MORE ELA stuff.  So the middle picture shows the same cabinet turned into the ELA cabinet.  Writing stuff is on the top and reading strategies is what takes up most of this space.  I moved all Math and Science stuff to the cabinet in the picture on the right.  It also stores our calendar materials since this cabinet is very close to our calendar board.

Now it's time for this teacher to pick up her Twilight book and chill out!  :o)  Happy Monday, Happy Cabinets!

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  1. Looks great! We feel so much better when we are organized! It is so worth the time!